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Ent-B Blueprint
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Bottom Schematic View
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Name:   Deep Space Nine

Registry:   DS9

Class:   Space Station

Construction Started:  2346

Overall Length:   1451.82m

Ops Length:   59.43m

Habitat Ring Length :  579.12m

Upper Core Length:  285.90m

Mid Core Length:  182.88m

Lower Core Length:  184.46m

Height of Core from Ops to Fusion Exhaust Cone:   368.80m

Total Height of Docking Pylons:  969.26m

Height of Defensive Sail Towers:  192.02m

Orginal Name:  Terok Nor

Orginal Builders:  Cardassians

First Seen:  DS9 - "Emissary"

Era:  Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Designed By:  Rick Sternbach and Herman Zimmerman

Contributing Artists:   Ricardo Delgado, Joesph Hodges, Jim Martin, Nathan Crowley, Rob Legtato, Gary Hutzel, Mike Okuda and executive producer Rick Berman.

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