Front Schematic View
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Ent-B Blueprint
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Top Schematic View
Aft 187KB

Bottom Schematic View
Ventral 351KB

Aft Schematic View
Dorsal 371KB

Starboard Schematic View
Starboard 189KB

Name:   U.S.S. Voyager

Registry:   NCC 74656

Class:   Intrepid

Category:   Explorer Type I

Length:   342m

Width:   144m
Height:   55m

Saucer Section:   219m (L)

Warp Nacelles:  101m (L)

Mass:  1,350,00 m/tons

Cargo Capacity:  10,000 m/tons

Officer Crew:   40

Enlisted Crew:  230
Decks:  15

Normal Cruising Speed:  Warp 6

Maximum Speed:   Warp 9.7

Construction Started:  2368

Completed:  2370
Launched:  2371

First Seen:  Star Trek Voyager- "Caretaker"

Era:  Star Trek Voyager

Designed By:  Richard D James, Rick Sternbach and Tony Meininger

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