What is meant by the term M.S.D.

  The acronym term M.S.D. or  Master System Display, better known in Trek technobabble circles. The favourite among others is a Cutaway. The first Cutaway that I had seen, was seen in the second Trek Film "Wrath Of Khan".
   The M.S.D. can be seen on the Bridge of the ship, and it is used to display any damage to the ships systems like Power Conduits, Shield Emitters and also if the ship has been over run by enemy aliens. The only ship's that did not have a M.S.D display on the Bridge where the:-

  • The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D, it was located in Main Engineering.
  • The Original Enterprise NCC 1701, none ever existed as far as I know.
  • The Refit Enterprise NCC 1701, it was shown as a small computer display, as part of Spock's station.

Enterprise-B Cutaway
Enterprise-B Cutaway 575KB

   This is the MSD which was first seen in Star Trek VII "Generation's" film. This is an updated version of the Excelsior Class starship.
   This image can be found in the Book entitled "Sketch book The Movies: Generations and First Contact".

   This image is from the TV Series called The Next Generation.
   The original source in unknown to me. Please E-mail me if you know.
Enterprise-D Cutaway
USS Enterprise-D Cutaway 199KB

Orginal Enterprise Cutaway
USS Enterprise Cutaway 163KB
This image was found on the Net. No real cutaway was made for the Original TV Series. Source I think it is from the "Captain's Chair" CD-Rom?

  This latest ship can be seen in both "First Contact" and "Insurrection".
  Source same as Ent-B.
Enterprise-E Cutaway
USS Enterprise-E Cutaway 273KB

Voyager Cutaway
USS Voyager Cutaway 254KB
  I scanned and cleaned up this Voyager image myself. The quality is the best you will find on the net.
  Source: Star Trek 1999 Calendar.

  The USS Equinox first seen in the Voyager TV series "Equinox" Part 1.   This is the original MSD scanned from the Fact Files and altered by me because of an major error.
Nova Class USS Equinox Cutaway
USS Equinox Cutaway 151KB

 Defiant Cutaway
USS Defiant Cutaway 222KB
  The USS Defiant MSD from the TV Series DS9 has many error's and inconsistencies belonging to it.
  Source DS9 Technical Manual

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